Cameraphones + Stickers = Photo Graffiti like a message in a bottle...only less wet. With blockies, you can post your cameraphone pictures on any public surface, using special stickers... See something cool on the street? Take a picture and send it to blockies so others can see it and start adding to the real-world photo album you just created. Here's how it works: You need a cameraphone, and a Blockies sticker. Each sticker has a unique code on it, so any place you put a Blockies sticker gets tagged with that code. Whenever you send pictures to from your cameraphone, you put the code in a message to, and we link your picture to that location. It's like posting a polaroid on a street corner. Other people can see your picture on their phones by text messaging us the sticker code. Anyone can add photos to any sticker, making a collection or photo album of that spot, and all pictures are archived on Stick these up anywhere and everywhere. Bar bathrooms. Bus stops. Sidewalks. Wherever you want to leave your photo message. like a message in a bottle..only less wet.